Grain Marketing

The experienced team at Wellgrain works closely with suppliers and customers to develop programmes to help them manage risks associated with commodity prices due to weather, exchange rates etc. The use of futures, options and Tracker contracts can help in reducing the volatility of marketing and provide a consistent level of return.

WellGrain Marketing Solutions
WellGrain have a range of marketing tools / solutions available and full details are available on request.
1.    Pool - Wheat

  • This is a low risk Pool designed to generate above average prices for wheat

2.    Harvest Movement Price Later - For Wheat or Oilseed Rape

  • Harvest movement
  • No haulage costs to move into storage
  • Price the Wheat / Oilseed at a later date
  • Early movement of Wheat / Oilseed to help with storage
  • Farmer stays in the market to benefit if price goes up

3.    Min Price Protector - Wheat

  • Farmer sells wheat but can gain on price upward movement
  • Unlimited upside gain

4.    Min Price No Max - Wheat

  • This contract allows you to fix a minimum price for your wheat with unlimited upside gains if the market rises

5.    Tracker - Wheat 

  • The Tracker uses LIFFE closing price to give a perfect market average over its lifetime.
  • The Tracker gives the farmer a base price of feed wheat with the added opportunity of premiums to be added at time of movement
  •  Offers low cost hedging mechanism compared with other marketing tools



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